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“The Lion Capital” in Sarnath. A model on the stand
India , 1965
МЗСБ КП 8880/1 П 163
37,2 х 32 х 32 cm
metal, wood, casting, notching, sawing, grinding, case
Present of Yashwantrao B. Chavan, the Minister of Defense of India. According to the legend, the column was installed at the place where the Buddha delivered his first sermon. "The lion's capital is depicted on the state emblem of the Republic of India"
“Scarf of Peace”
Brazil , December 1952
МЗСБ КП 4517 В 968
66 х 72,5 cm
silk, weaving, printing on fabric
A gift from the Brazilian delegation to the participants of the Congress of Peoples for Peace in Vienna.
Garibaldi medal (Garibaldi Star)
Italy , 1967
МЗСБ ОФ 195/3
35.5 x 35.5 x 4 mm; with suspension: 70 x 37 x 4 mm
metal, fabric, stamping, weaving
A gift from Luigi Longo, the Secretary General of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Italy.
“Stalingrad hospital” fund albums in two volumes
МЗСБ КП 3337/1-2 П 108, 109
46 х 34 х 7,7 cm46 х 33,6 х 7,7 cm
paper, wood, leather, typographic printing, autograph, manual binding, embossing
“Stalingrad hospital” fund albums in two volumes, in English and Russian, contain a list of people and organizations that donated ward equipment and beds to the “Stalingrad Hospital” Fund. A gift from the Joint Committee for Soviet Aid to the Union, July 1946
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