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Великобритания (официальное название – Соединенное Королевство Великобритании и Северной Ирландии) – островное государство на северо-западе Европы, состоящее из Англии, Шотландии, Уэльса и Северной Ирландии. В Англии, на родине Шекспира и группы The Beatles, находится столица государства Лондон – мировой деловой и культурный центр. Также страна известна неолитическим сооружением Стоунхендж, римскими банями в городе Бат и старинными университетами в Оксфорде и Кембридже.
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“Stalingrad hospital” fund albums in two volumes
МЗСБ КП 3337/1-2 П 108, 109
46 х 34 х 7,7 cm46 х 33,6 х 7,7 cm
paper, wood, leather, typographic printing, autograph, manual binding, embossing
“Stalingrad hospital” fund albums in two volumes, in English and Russian, contain a list of people and organizations that donated ward equipment and beds to the “Stalingrad Hospital” Fund. A gift from the Joint Committee for Soviet Aid to the Union, July 1946
Testimonial “Coventry-Volgograd”
The United Kingdom , January 1964
МЗСБ КП 8644
56 х 48,5 х 3,3 cm
paper, glass, wood, manuscript, ink, painting, assembly
Presented to the delegation of the Volgograd City Council during a visit to Coventry, January 1964
“Peace” album with drawings, poems and photographs
МЗСБ КП 4107 П 116
13,9 х 22,2 х 1,1 cm
paper, cardboard, calico, photo paper, brochure, photo printing, printing, ink, manuscript, watercolor, applique
A gift from the children of Glasgow to the representatives of Stalingrad during their stay in the UK 15.11–07.12. 1951, Scotland, Glasgow
Brochure “My Trip to the USSR”
МЗСБ КП 3352 П 110
24,1 х 15,3 х 0,5 cm
paper, cardboard, leather, printing, integral binding, embossing, manuscript
A gift from the author, the chairman of Aid to Russia Fund at the British Red Cross, to D. Pigalyov, the chairman of the executive committee of the Stalingrad city council of working people's deputies London
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