The United Kingdom , July 1946
МЗСБ КП 3337/1-2 П 108, 109
46 х 34 х 7,7 cm46 х 33,6 х 7,7 cm
paper, wood, leather, typographic printing, autograph, manual binding, embossing
“Stalingrad hospital” fund albums in two volumes, in English and Russian, contain a list of people and organizations that donated ward equipment and beds to the “Stalingrad Hospital” Fund. A gift from the Joint Committee for Soviet Aid to the Union, July 1946

The Stalingrad hospital fund album was presented in two volumes, 280 pages each. It was made in two languages, English and Russian and has a handmade leather cover and a gilt top edge. The spine with raised bands and the front cover are decorated with a stamped golden British Lion and a hammer and sickle image (the emblem of the Joint committee for Soviet aid) as well as with a five-pointed star. Endpapers have colourful coats of arms of counties, cities and organisation in the United Kingdom that participated in the ‘Stalingrad Hospital’ project. The inscription on the title page reads: ‘Stalingrad hospital fund album’, which is then followed by a foreword written by Hewlett Johnson, the chairman of the Joint Committee for the Soviet aid, Dean of Canterbury. Each page is marked by an organization or a person, who helped the ‘Stalingrad Hospital’ fund with wards and beds for the Stalingrad hospital (This album records the donators of wards and beds to the Stalingrad hospital fund). In the end of the album there is an alphabetical index of the donators.

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