Brazil , December 1952
МЗСБ КП 4517 В 968
66 х 72,5 cm
silk, weaving, printing on fabric
A gift from the Brazilian delegation to the participants of the Congress of Peoples for Peace in Vienna.

A one-sided headscarf. The top and bottom parts end with a selvage, while the sides are not finished and the following words are printed along the edges: “Movimento Brasileiro dos Partidários da Paz Congresso dos Povos pela Paz – Viena 1952”. At the top of the headscarf there is a white Dove of Peace painted against the background of blue mountains. The Dove has a red ribbon in its beak saying, “Congresso dos Povos pela Paz – Viena, 1952” (The Brazilian movement of the Supporters of Peace. The Congress of the Supporters of Peace – Vienna, 1952)

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