“The Lion Capital” in Sarnath. A model on the stand

India , 1965
МЗСБ КП 8880/1 П 163
37,2 х 32 х 32 cm
metal, wood, casting, notching, sawing, grinding, case
Present of Yashwantrao B. Chavan, the Minister of Defense of India. According to the legend, the column was installed at the place where the Buddha delivered his first sermon. "The lion's capital is depicted on the state emblem of the Republic of India"

The layout is made of metal, attached to a wooden base. It is a replica of a monumental column created around 243 BC in Sarnath during the reign of Ashoka the Great of the Maurya dynasty. It is crowned by a capital with a Lotus base, a flat cylindrical abacus, and four lions, standing back to back. The images of animals are interspersed with Wheels of Dharma -an immutable universal Law - with twenty-four spokes. The symbolism combines Buddhist and Hindu motifs.

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