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Норвегия, официальное название — Королевство Норвегия — государство в Северной Европе, располагающееся в западной части Скандинавского полуострова и на огромном количестве прилегающих мелких островов, а также архипелаге Шпицберген, островах Ян-Майен и Медвежий в Северном Ледовитом океане.
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The banner “The Stalingrad victory lit up millions of hearts with hope and admiration.”
Norway , 1944
МЗСБ КП 3361 П 869
104 х 138 cm
silk, thread, weaving, embroidery, fringe
A gift from the Norwegian people
Norwegian female doll from Hallingdal district in a traditional costume
Norway , August 1955
МЗСБ КП 5509/1
19,5 х 10,5 х 5 cm
cotton wool, fabric, paint, weaving, embroidery, lace making, sewing, painting
A gift from the Norwegian women delegation visiting Stalingrad in August 1955. The labels with the logo “Vare-Merke” are attached to the box.
Decorative plate
Norway , 10.07.1972
МЗСБ КП 11723/1
Ø 30,8 х 2,8 cm
metal, ornamental stone, stamping, casting, soldering, engraving
A gift from the delegation of the Norwegian Military Federation of the Sailing Fleet led by Admiral Thore Horve to the Tsaritsyn-Stalingrad Defense Museum, Telemark fülke, commune Tinn. With an image of a knight, a “NKSF, Conuv” sign and an inscription on the edge: “Hilsen Fra Norges Krigsseilerforbund / Juli – 1972”.