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Федеративная Республика Германия основана в 1949 году. До воссоединения Западной и Восточной Германии (ГДР) столицей ФРГ был Бонн.
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Medal of German War Graves Commission (Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge)
МЗСБ КП 23358
Ø 50 х 3 mm
metal, stamping, varnishing
Present from the German delegation
Souvenir medal depicting the Church of Christ in Essen
МЗСБ КП 23108
Ø 104 х 5 mm
metal, stamping
Author - Calleen Heribert (1924-2017). Present from the delegation of FRG.
Panel depicting the “Stalingrad Madonna”
МЗСБ КП 24227 П 914
32 х 22 х 2 cm
metal, chipboard, pressing
"Stalingrad Madonna" is a drawing made by Kurt Reuber, the German military doctor, with a piece of coal on the back of the Soviet geographical map on the night of December 24 to 25, 1942, being surrounded during the final stage of the Battle of Stalingrad. It is stored at the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. Gift from the delegation of FRG
Plaque with a portrait of Karl Marx.
FRG , October 1963
МЗСБ КП 8557/1
24,7 х 18,5 х 3,5 cm
wood, metal, stamping, notching, grinding, varnishing
Present of the delegation of the Communist Party of Germany to the Tsaritsyn - Stalingrad Museum of Defense, October 1963, Rheinland-Pfalz land. A handmade portrait of Karl Marx by one of the members of the delegation; the portrait took more than 200 hours to make. The plate under the portrait reads: “Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands / Rheinland-Pfalz / 1963”
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