The banner “The Stalingrad victory lit up millions of hearts with hope and admiration.”

Norway , 1944
МЗСБ КП 3361 П 869
104 х 138 cm
silk, thread, weaving, embroidery, fringe
A gift from the Norwegian people

A double-sided red satin flag. The three edges are decorated with satin fringe. The twine along the head rope has brushes at the ends. The fringe and the brushes are of a golden color. One side of the flag is decorated with the embroidered city ruins and rays of a rising sun. The inscription below reads: “The Stalingrad Battle has lit hope and admiration in millions of hearts”. The other side depicts a fluttering Norwegian flag, followed by the date: “2.2.1944” and an inscription in the Norwegian language [translation]: “The freedom-loving people of Norway honor the Stalingrad heroes on the anniversary of the battle”. The embroidery was made with golden silk threads.

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