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Египет – страна в Северо-Восточной Африке и на Ближнем Востоке. О ее богатой истории, насчитывающей более пяти тысяч лет, напоминают археологические памятники в плодородной долине реки Нил, среди которых пирамиды Гизы, Большой сфинкс, а также Карнакский храм, стены которого испещрены иероглифами, и Долина царей с гробницами фараонов в районе Луксора. Столица страны Каир славится мечетью Мухаммеда Али, построенной во времена Османской империи, и Египетским музеем, где выставлены мумии фараонов и позолоченные деревянные статуи Тутанхамона.
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Dish (tray)
Egypt , December 1962
МЗСБ КП 8538/1 С 26
Ø 34,4 х 1,7 cm
silver, rolling, bending, notching
A gift from the governorate of Alexandria to the delegation of Volgograd, December 1962 United Arab Republic (Egypt), Alexandria. It is decorated with a concentric ornament and on the outside of the bottom there is a gift inscription made in Arabic and three brand marks
The land of the city of Port Said in a pyramid
Egypt , 1958
МЗСБ КП 7316/1
29 х 28 х 28 cm
earth, wood, glass, sawing, grinding, assembly
A gift from the City Council of Port Said to the City Council of Stalingrad, 1958 United Arab Republic, Egypt, Port Said. It was given to the delegation of Stalingrad during their stay in Egypt
Medal with the image of the defenders of Port Said (in the case)
Ø 80 х 5 mm
Ø 80 х 5 мм
metal, stamping
The medal is dedicated to the Suez Crises (it is also called Sinai War, the Second Arab-Israeli war or the tripartite aggression), the international conflict that was on from October 1956 to March 1957 due to the fight for having control over the Suez Canal. The obverse has three armed Egyptians that are repelling the Anglo-Franco-Israeli amphibious attack coming from the sea and the air landing near the city of Port-Said. On the reverse there is a portrait of Gamal Abdel Nasser, the UAR President, painted in profile.
A medal plaque with the depiction of the defenders of Port-Said
Egypt , 04.12.1960
МЗСБ КП 8066/1
58 х 40,2 х 20 cm
metal, wood
A gift from Marshal Abdel Hakim Amer, the Vice-President of the United Arab Republic, given during his visit to Stalingrad, December 4, 1960. The United Arab Republic, Egypt region
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