Yugoslavia , 1958
МЗСБ КП 7108
80 х 40 х 18 cm
bronze, marble, casting, decorative patina-forming treatment, grinding, stamping
Augustinčić Antun. Sculpture "Partisan". A gift from the Army General Ivan Gošnjak, the Secretary of State for National Defense of the Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia, to the Tsaritsyn – Stalingrad Museum of Defense, 1958.

The author’s stamp on the base under the right foot “Augustinčić”; the dedicatory inscription on the plate reads: “U ime Jugoslovenske narodne armije / muzeju odbrane Caricina – Staljingrada / General armie / I. Gošnjak” (On Behalf of the Yugoslavian People’s Army to the Museum of Defense of Tsaritsyn – Stalingrad. Army General I. Goshnyak).

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