Sato Churio. Badge brooch “Dove of Peace”

Japan , 1988
МЗСБ КП 22772
3,3 х 5 х 1,1 cm
metal, casting, bending, soldering
Sato Churio. Badge brooch "Dove of Peace". A gift from Tsitomo Iwakura, the Chairman of the Preparatory Committee of the Japan Museum of Peace, 1988.

In the upper right on the dove’s wing there is the author’s stamp: Churyo. Sato Churyo (July 04, 1912 – March 30, 2011) was a Japanese sculptor. He was born in Miyagi Prefecture and grew up in Hokkaido. In 1932 he moved to Tokyo and started working as a painter. Since 1934 he worked mainly in bronze. His art is majorly influenced by Aristide Maillol Charles Despiau.

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