Earth from the graves of participants in the Resistance movement in the box

Belgium , May 1975
МЗСБ КП 14107
10 х 25 х 24 cm
earth, wood, metal, plastic, fabric, milling, grinding, rolling, engraving, assembly, varnishing
A gift from partisan veterans of the Free Front of Liege "FL". It was handed over by the city delegation led by Octave Rose, Deputy Mayor, who visited Volgograd in May 1975.

A wooden polished vanity box with a flap lid. It has a little lock and a key. Inside the box is decorated with cherry velvet. It contains a little box with soil and it is made of transparent plastic. The little box is tied with ribbons that display the colours of the flags of the USSR and Belgium.

On top of the lid there is a metal plaque engraved in both Russian and French saying, “Jumelage Liège – Volgograd / Hommage de la Résistance aux Héros soviétiques / tombés en terre Liègeoise / 9 mai 1975 // Twin cities Liège – Volgograd / To express gratitude to the Resistance movement / To the Soviet heroes, who died in Liège / May 9, 1975”.

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