Figurine depicting a monument in honor of the victory at Pochonbo in the city of Hesan

DPRK , 13.10.1969
МЗСБ КП 10935
29,5 х 35 х 12,4 cm
ceramics, casting, firing, glazing, painting
Present of the delegation of the Labor Party of Korea to the Tsaritsyn - Stalingrad Museum of Defense


A monument near the Paektusan Mountain opened on June 04, 1967 and dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Pochonbo. The monument is 38.7 m high and 78 m long with a 48 m wide facade. 61 figures guided by Kim II Sung, leader of the anti-Japanese national liberation movement, are positioned on both sides under a giant fluttering red flag. The sculptural groups of the Eastern side are divided into three blocks: “Attack”, “Expedition to the Motherland” and “Reviving Sunrise of the Motherland”. The sculptures on the Western side are “Defeat of the Enemy”, “Overcoming Obstacles” and “To the Arms”.

On June 3, 1937 Kim II Sung’s guerillas left Manchukuo, crossed the Yalu river and set a camp at the bottom of the Kojang Hill. At 10:00 pm June 4, 1937 Kim II Sung fired a shot signaling the start of the battle. A partisan unit of 200 people broke into the town of Pochonbo (which at the time had another name – Futenho) and captured control of the police station, town administration, post office, fire department, agricultural provisions and other strategic facilities. Later, the buildings were set on fire. Japanese goods from the stores and restaurants were confiscated and distributed among local Korean people.

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