The United Kingdom , 05.11.1954
МЗСБ КП 5339 П 64
47,3 х 34,5 х 4 cm
wood, metal, milling, grinding, chasing, assemblycase
The gift plate, mounted under the coat of arms, has an engraved inscription: "Coventry - Stalingrad / in Friendship." Presented by the delegation of the Coventry Municipal Council at the meeting of the Stalingrad City Executive Committee dedicated to development of an appeal to the UN on prohibition of atomic and hydrogen weapons, 05.11.1954 West Midlands county, Coventry

A plaque with the coat of arms of the city of Coventry is made of a minted metal sheet fixed to a wood backing. The coat of arms is decorated with an image of a lioness and an elephant framed by leaves; the inscription below reads: “Camera Princlpis”. “Coventry – Stalingrad / in Friendship”. The inscription is made right under the coat of arms.

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