Commemorative medal “Independent Front to its militiamen. 1940 – 1945” (Le Front de l’Indépendance à ses milices)

Belgium , 15.05.1965
МЗСБ КП 8905/1 П 930
92 х 36 х 3 mm; Medaille: Ø 36 х 2 mm
metal, moire, stamping, weaving
A gift from the veterans of Belgium partisans - participants of the International meeting of anti-fascists and veterans of World War II in Moscow.

A round medal with a Belgium Lion (a lion rampant with protracted claws and its tongue stuck out) on its obverse dated 1940-1945. The medal is decorated with laurel branches. The reverse side is marked by an expression written in French and Flemish, saying, “le Front de l'Indépendance à ses milices / het Onafhankelijkheidsfront aan zijn milities”. The medal is connected to a metal ring with a moiré ribbon with longitudinal green, white and Belgium flag coloured stripes on the sides.

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