The United Kingdom , 24.06.1959
МЗСБ ВП 2363
metal, forging, welding
A gift from the abbot of the Coventry Cathedral to the abbot of the Kazan Cathedral of Stalingrad, 1959. West Midlands county, Coventry

June 24, 1959

From the letter sent by Mr. Collins, the dean of Coventry Cathedral, to the dean of the Stalingrad Kazan Cathedral, dated June 24, 1959: “To express our admiration for your gift [an icon sent in November 1958], ... I send you a symbolic gift from Coventry Cathedral that characterizes the Cathedral / greatly...”

An abstract from the letter sent together with the gift: "A symbol of brotherhood in Jesus Christ between the Cathedral in the city of Coventry and the Cathedral in the city of Stalingrad. This cross, made of the nails that held together the ceiling beams of the Cathedral destroyed by the war in 1940, is a Testament to the Christian Faith that all issues between people can be resolved by the Faith they profess.”

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