Letter of recognition from the President of the United States F. Roosevelt

USA , 17.05.1944
МЗСБ КП 2093 П 33
56.2 x 38.5 x 1cm (closed)
parchment paper, cardboard, leather, fabric, cord, manuscript, ink, autograph, binding, ink
Letter of recognition from the President of the United States F. Roosevelt to the city of Stalingrad, May 17, 1944, Washington, D.C

In the English language. A certificate in black ink on parchment paper attached to a dark brown leather folder with a polychrome emblem of the USA in the upper corner. The text reads [translation]: «On behalf of the people of the United States of America I present this certificate to the city of Stalingrad to express the admiration for the brave defenders, their courage, strength of mind and dedication during the battle in the period from September 13, 1942 to January 31, 1943 which will continue to inspire all free people of the world. Their glorious victory stopped the enemy and became a turning point in the struggle of the Allied Powers against the aggressor”.


The certificate is signed by Franklin D. Roosevelt on June 26, 1944. A. Harriman, the US Ambassador to the Soviet Union, handed the Honorary Certificate to J.V. Stalin to further be send to Stalingrad – the city of heroic defense. This event was featured in the issues of major newspapers from June 28, 1944. There is a copy of the letter (in the Russian language) written by the President Roosevelt to J.V. Stalin on May 25, 1944. On December 25, 1944 the Honorary Certificate was sent to Stalingrad.

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