Tapestry with the image of the Hall of the Celestial Arch (pavilion “Imperial Firmament”) of the temple complex “Temple of Heaven” (Tiantan) in Beijing

China , 23.11.1951
МЗСБ КП 1381
42,5 х 84 cm
silk, weaving
Present of the delegation of the Chinese writers to the Tsaritsyn - Stalingrad Museum of Defense, Hangzhou

The Temple of Heaven (Tiantan) is located South of the Gugong Imperial Palace (Palace Museum) in Beijing. Its circular structures symbolize the connection with the Sky. The complex was built in the early 15th century. Originally it was called the Temple of Heaven and Earth. After the construction of a separate Temple of Earth, Tiantan was used only for worshipping the Sky. The centre of the tapestry is decorated with an image of the Central part of the temple complex - the Hall of The Firmament (‘Imperial Firmament’). It has a conical roof and stands on a high marble plinth. Three staircases lead to the hall. The East and West halls form a square that is surrounded by a circular Echo Wall. The left and right sides of the tapestry are covered with hieroglyphic inscriptions.

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