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Китай – густонаселенная страна в Восточной Азии с разнообразными ландшафтами и рельефом. Здесь можно найти луга, пустыни, горы, озера, реки и побережья протяженностью более 14 тыс. км. Столица страны, Пекин, славится современной архитектурой и древними памятниками, среди которых дворцовый комплекс Запретный город и площадь Тяньаньмэнь. На востоке расположен мировой финансовый центр Шанхай, силуэт которого формируют бесчисленные небоскребы. По северному Китаю, пересекая его с востока на запад, проходит Великая Китайская стена.
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Vase on the stand
China , May 1954
МЗСБ КП 5145/3
44 x Ø 23 cm; stand: 6.9 x Ø 18 cm
faience, wood, painting, glaze, firing, carving
A gift from the delegation of Chinese cultural workers who visited Stalingrad in May 1954.A wide neck vase with the edges that bent outwards. It is decorated with floral ornaments, namely branches and blooming fruit trees as well as with peonies. The colour of the vase is pastel green.
Carved vase
China , May 1954
МЗСБ КП 5145/4
32,5 х Ø 17 cm
metal, enamel, resin, varnishing, carving
A gift from the delegation of Chinese cultural workers who visited Stalingrad in May 1954. The metal vase is covered with numerous layers of varnish (resin) and decorated with carvings. The master sought the volume and complexity of the counter-relief. The inside and the bottom of the vase are finished with monochrome enamel (cobalt)
Painted vase on a stand
China , September 1952
МЗСБ КП 4460 П 863
56.7 x 32 x 30 cm; vase: 50.5 x 32 x 30 cm; stand: 6.7 x Ø 23 cm
ceramics, wood, casting, firing, glazing, overglaze painting, carving, gluing, varnishing
The gift was sent by the Prime Minister of the State Council of the PRC, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PRC Zhou Enlai in September 1952. A blue narrow neck vase. The body and neck are decorated with floral ornaments painted golden. The vase is placed on a wooden carved stand.
Paired vases on stands
China , 15.06.1964
МЗСБ КП 8705/1-2
21 х Ø 9 cm (each)
paper, papier-mâché, painting, varnishing
A gift from a group of Chinese tourists that visited the Tsaritsyn-Stalingrad Museum of Defense on 15.06.1964.
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