Japan , 1985, August
МЗСБ КП 21595
колокол: 76,6 х Ø 45 cm; бич: 137 х Ø 10 х 16,5 cm; подставка: 120 х 94,5 х 38,3 cm
metal, wood, casting, decorative patina-forming treatment, turning, grinding
Katori Masahiko. Peace bell. Inscription: "Peace bell / Presented to the city of Volgograd from the city of Hiroshima / as a symbol of eternal friendship and peace / August 1985". A gift from Takeshi Araki, mayor of Hiroshima, to the twin city of Volgograd. Handed over to the delegation led by V.I. Atopov, the chairman of the Volgograd city executive committee. Toyama prefecture, Takaoka

Author's copy of a large bell installed in the Hiroshima Peace Park. There are about 160 similar bells in different countries of the world. 23 of them were cast by Hatsuma Katori, more than 100 (including the bell for Volgograd) - by his son Masahiko Katori. In his message to the city, the author wrote: “As the master of the Peace Bell, I am glad that the exact copy of the bell, which chimes with the hope for lasting peace, was donated to Volgograd, the twin city of Hiroshima, and that its tocsin will sound to strengthen peace and friendship throughout the world”

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