Italy , July 1961
МЗСБ КП 8229/1
28,6 х 14 х 21,5 cm
bronze, stone, metal, enamel, casting, decorative patina-forming, treatment, grinding, stamping, assembly
A gift from the city of Turin to the delegation of Stalingrad, Piedmont region, Turin. The animal is depicted enraged. The bull symbolizes a strong city, ready to defend its borders. A Golden bull with silver horns on an escutcheon of azure colour is an integral part of the coat of arms of Turin. On the base of the statue there is a plate with the coat of arms of Turin and an inscription that reads: “Alla città di Stalingrado / la città di Torino / giugno 1961” (To the city of Stalingrad – Turin, June 1961)

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