Gembaku Dome (“Atomic Bomb Dome”) in Hiroshima. Model on a stand.

Japan , 1974
МЗСБ КП 13184
57,2 х 114,8 х 83,2 cm
plastic, wood, metal, sand, molding, carving, sawing, stamping, painting, assembly
Gembaku Dome ("Atomic Bomb Dome") in Hiroshima. Model on a stand. A gift from Yamada Setsuo, mayor of Hiroshima, to the twin city of Volgograd, 1974 Hiroshima


Before the war, the building functioned as the Exhibition Center of the Hiroshima Chamber of Commerce. After the atomic bombing on August 6, 1945, the Gembaku Dome was severely damaged but survived, despite the fact that it was only 160 meters from the epicenter of the explosion. The building partially collapsed from the shock wave and burned out from the fire. All people died.

After the war, the Dome was not restored, but it was reinforced to avoid further destruction. "Atomic Bomb Dome" has become a kind of monument to peace. Author of the model – Furuta Koazo.

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