Poster “Flag of Stalingrad” on glass in a frame

Italy , 16.06.1946
МЗСБ КП 3900
84 x 98 cm (with frame)
glass, wood, gouache
A gift from the staff of the glass factory Balzaretti Modigliani. Tuscany region, Livorno

The Russian words are written in blue. The inscription reads: “The Soviet flag, the flag of Stalingrad / flying over Berlin taken / by the valiant red Army in May 1945 / Long live the peoples of the USSR “. The next inscription is written in green and reads: “A gift from all the staff of the glass factory”, followed by the words written in black: “Balzaretti and Modigliani” and the ones written with minium pigment: “Livorno, Italy, June 16, 1946”

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