Tapestry with the image of the park “Northern Sea” (Beihai) – a landscape and temple complex in Beijing

China , 23.11.1951
МЗСБ КП 1382
43,5 х 73 cm
silk, weaving
Present of the delegation of the Chinese writers to the Tsaritsyn - Stalingrad Museum of Defense, Hangzhou

The Beihai Park is located North of the Gugong Imperial Palace in Beijing. The North sea is one of the six lakes connected to the Summer Palace by channels. Beihai has many elegant bridges, gardens, pavilions, and galleries. In the foreground one can see the surface of the lake; a white marble bridge, or a bridge of Eternal Peace, leads from the South shore to the Jade island (Chunhua). In the background there is the Bai Ta pagoda (White stupa), a covered gallery and other attractions of the island of Chunhua. The left and the right sides of the tapestry are covered with hieroglyphic inscriptions. The North sea Park is a masterpiece of Chinese landscape design that has developed over a millennium.

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