Poland , March 1946
МЗСБ КП 3362 П 868
19,6 х 18,5 х 8,3 cm
anthracite, metal, glass, turning, factory production
A gift from the delegation of Polish miners who visited Stalingrad in March 1946. Silesia

A clock in an anthracite holder. The holder (representing a mine and a mine worker) is one solid carved coal piece. A round mechanical clock in the upper part is enclosed in a metal casing and has an hour and a minute hands. The clock face with Arabic numerals is blue and green. Below the clock there is a figure of a mine worker using a pickaxe in the shaft. The holder is removable; it is fixed to the base with wooden pins. The inscription in the middle of the base reads: “Kopalnia – Śląsk” (Mine shaft “Silesia”). To the left and to the right of the inscription there are symmetrical crossed hammers.

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