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Вьетнам – это страна в Юго-Восточной Азии, расположенная на побережье Южно-Китайского моря. Она известна своими пляжами, реками, буддистскими пагодами и оживленными городами. В столице, городе Ханой, находится огромный мраморный мавзолей знаменитого лидера коммунистической партии страны Хо Ши Мина. В городе Хошимин, который раньше назывался Сайгон, можно найти множество зданий во французском колониальном стиле, а также музеев, посвященных истории Вьетнамской войны. Туннели Кути часто использовались солдатами Вьетконга.
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Vase. Gift of the party and government delegation of Vietnam
Vietnam , 30.06.1985
МЗСБ КП 21522
49 х Ø 25 cm
ceramics, modeling, firing, underglaze painting, glazing
Gift of the party and government delegation of Vietnam to the panorama museum "Battle of Stalingrad".
Vase made of metal skin of an American aircraft shot down over North Vietnam
Vietnam , 09.05.1968
МЗСБ КП 10211
32 х 14,2 х 23,2 cm
metal, wood, grinding, riveting, engraving, turning
A gift from the military delegation of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam led by Nguyen Don, Deputy Minister of Defense to the Tsaritsyn-Stalingrad Museum of Defense, 09.05.1968
Ring made from the skin of a thousandth American bomber, which was shot down over the Vietnamese land during the period of American aggression (1965 – 1973)
Vietnam , 02.09.1966
МЗСБ КП 9391 П 849
2,1 х 1,9 х 0,4 cm
duralumin, turning, engraving
A gift from the delegation of cultural workers of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam to the Tsaritsyn-Stalingrad Museum of Defense
Portrait of Dinh Nup, the hero of the Bahnar people, who rose to fight against the French colonialists
Vietnam , 22-23.10.1956
МЗСБ КП 6154
65 x 50 cm; framed: 67.8 x 53 cm
paper, wood, glass, pastel
A gift from the parliamentary delegation of Vietnam visiting Stalingrad on 22-23.10.1956. Đinh Núp had killed about 300 soldiers and officers of the enemy and later in 1955 he was awarded the title of Hero, the First Class Order of a soldier and the Second Class Order of the Resistance; There is even a book written about him called ‘The country is rising’ (Đất nước đứng lên) by Nguyễn Ngọc.
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