Vase made of metal skin of an American aircraft shot down over North Vietnam

Vietnam , 09.05.1968
МЗСБ КП 10211
32 х 14,2 х 23,2 cm
metal, wood, grinding, riveting, engraving, turning
A gift from the military delegation of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam led by Nguyen Don, Deputy Minister of Defense to the Tsaritsyn-Stalingrad Museum of Defense, 09.05.1968

A cup-shaped vase. The body of the vase has images of Vietnamese landscapes, scenes of the liberation struggle and an engraving that reads: “Mảnh xác máy bay Mỹ bị bắn rơi trên miền Bắc nước Việt nam” (Pieces of American planes shot down over North Vietnam)

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