India , 10.09.1953
МЗСБ КП 4908/1 П 161
33 х 33 cm
Stroh, Stoff, Folie, Weben, Nähen
A gift from the Indian delegation at the IV World Festival of Youth and Students in Bucharest, which visited Stalingrad on 10.09.1953, Bihar State, Patna

A square double-sided straw fan with interwoven green silk threads. The weave is backed with red and grey foil with floral ornaments. The edges are covered with black satin, 2 cm each. Coloured fabric fragments are sewn along the edge of the fan. The fan was presented together with a letter from P. Mukherjee, a member of the Democratic Youth Federation of India to the Stalingrad Komsomol, dated September 11, 1953: “I give this fan, made by a peasant girl who wanted this gift to be given to the fighting Stalingrad youth, about whom peasants sing songs during the harvest”.

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