France ,
МЗСБ КП 8701 П 384
Ø 83 х 10 mm
metal, fabric, casting, tinting, weaving
Dodeur Jean-Marie. Souvenir stamp. Department of Côte d'Or, Dijon

In the center of the medallion there is an embossed figure of a horse rider holding a bird in his hands. The legend in the Latin language: “+ SIGILLUM QONL VNIG : DIVIONIS :” (Liberation ... Dijon). Along the outer ring there are twenty embossed symbols and unknown characters. The reverse is covered with green velvet. The text on the internal side of the lid reads: “Cette pièce est garantie entièrement faite à la main, sans le secours d'aucune machine, comme il était fait aux temps anciens. / Jean-Marie Dodeur” (This piece was made completely by hand, no machine has been employed, just like in the ancient times. Jean-Marie Dodeur)

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