GDR , September 16-21, 1987
МЗСБ КП 22053
24,5 х 14,8 х 20,1 cm
bisque, granite, metal, casting, grinding, engraving
A gift from the delegation of Karl-Marx-Stadt district during the Friendship Days in Volgograd, September 16-21, 1987. Karl-Marx-Stadt

It is a replica of the monument created by Soviet sculptor, Lev Kerbel. It was officially opened on October 9, 1971 in the city of Karl-Marx-Stadt. On the back of its head there is a pressed TM ‘Meißen’ logo – two crossed swords and an engraving on the gift plaque, saying,”Ehrengeschenk / der Stadt / Karl-Marx-Stadt” (An honorary gift to the city of Karl-Marx-Stadt)

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