Commemorative medal “10 years” (10 anos) dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Association “Portugal – USSR”

Portugal , 1987
МЗСБ КП 21978
Ø 80 х 6 mm
metal, casting, stamping
Present from the delegation of participants of the anti-fascist movement, workers of the glass factory Marinha Grande to the Panorama Museum "Battle of Stalingrad", Porto

On the observe there is a peace dove and an inscription “10 anos”, along the edge are the words: “Paz, amizade e cooperação” (Peace, Friendship and Cooperation); on the reverse – an emblem of the Association in the middle framed by the inscription: “Associação Portugal URSS / 1974*1984”; the seal on the edge reads: “Disart 2120”

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