The sword in the scabbard. A gift from King George VI to the citizens of Stalingrad

The United Kingdom , 1943
МЗСБ КП 2573/1-2 П 73
sword: 124 x 26 x 4 cm; scabbard: 92.5 x 6.5 x 2.6 cm; sword in sheath: 124.5 x 26 x 4 cm
steel, gold, silver, leather, enamel, casting, forging, dressing, cutting, polishing, engraving
The inscription on the double-edged sword is made in two languages – English and Russian - and reads: “To the steel-hearted citizens of Stalingrad • the gift of king George vi • in token of the homage of the British people”. The sword was presented to I.V. Stalin in 1943 at the Tehran Conference.

A steel sword with a hand grip bound in pure gold. It has a silver pommel with a gold star and was presented together the leather scabbard decorated with the Royal arms and the Cypher made of gold and stars made of silver.

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