Pennant “Independent Front” (Le Front de l’Indépendance) Charleroi

Belgium , 29.09.1973
МЗСБ КП 12547 П 932
25.7 x 18.4 cm (fringed)
synthetic fabric, cord, braid, thread, weaving, sewing, screen printing
A gift from the veterans of Belgium partisans to the veterans of the Battle of Stalingrad, 29.09.1973. Hinnot province, Charleroi

A five-pointed pennon displaying colours of the Belgium flag (black, yellow and red vertical stripes). In the middle of the pennon there is a blue emblem – “le Front de l'Indépendance” (The Independence Front) that displays a depiction of a lion rampant with protracted claws and its tongue stuck out (The Belgium Lion), the main element of the Belgium coat of arms) in a lozenge. On both sides one can spot two golden letters – F and I – the Front’s abbreviation. The “Charleroi” is printed at the bottom of the pennon in golden letters. It has golden webbing on both sides and a webbing with a fringe trim on the bottom. On top there is a rod with a cord to fix the pennon.

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