Iraq , 12.06.1964
МЗСБ КП 8706
35,4 х 30,5 х 3,2 cm
plywood, wood, metal, plastic, milling, grinding, notching, engraving, painting, assembly
A gift from the Iraqi military delegation led by Major General Abdel Rahman Mohammed Aref, the Chief of the General Staff of the Iraqi Army, who visited the Tsaritsyn - Stalingrad Museum of Defense on 12.06.1964.

The plate depicts the coat of arms of Iraq used between 1959 and 1965. An eight-pointed star symbolizes the rising sun; its centre is decorated with a circle with a wheat ear and the inscription, which reads: "The Republic of Iraq" (written in Arabic script). It is also framed by two curved sabres. The first post monarchical state emblem of Iraq was based on the ancient symbol of the sun and had no Islamic symbols.

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