Ridd. Painting “Invincible Stalingrad – the Cemetery of German Fascism.”

Cuba , 1945
МЗСБ КП 7479
25.7 x 38.4; mat 37.4 x 49 cm
cardboard, oil, manuscript, drawing ink, gluing, cropping
The painter depicted the Square of the Fallen Fighters in the last days of the Stalingrad Battle: a Red Army soldier is hoisting a flag on the Red Army House, a column of war prisoners is moving across the square, in the background on the left the ruins of Central Department Store and other buildings can be seen. The painter was inspired by a photo taken by Grigory Kapustyansky, special correspondent of the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper. This photo known under the caption “The Victory Flag in Stalingrad on February 3, 1943” was featured in the world’s leading mass media. The picture is fixed on a cardboard passe-partout; the inscription on the lower edge made in the Russian language reads: “Invincible Stalingrad – cemetery of the German fascism”. The inscription to the right reads: “Ridd S”, the inscription below: “Havana / 1945”.

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